PaperScape Flower Magnets | Natural Attraction

PaperScape Flower Magnets capture the beauty of nature in either of two ways: in tiny, delicate handmade paper scenes, or with an actual flower pressed into handmade paper—tucked inside a glass dome.

At once functional and beautiful, Paperscape Flower Magnets don’t need to be holding anything to make an artistic statement, wherever you so choose to place them.

Paperscape Flower Magnets are 1 1/8” in diameter and sold separately, or in attractive, clear-topped tins of four magnets, each.

Paperscape Flower Magnets—the fun and very ‘attractive’ way of keeping refrigerator art organized, or simply sprinkling a little natural beauty here & there—by PaperScape Artworks, located at Chroma, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CT—adjacent to the Guilford Green.