Framed / Mounted / Matted Originals

Presenting each finished PaperScape original is as much as a part of the process as creating it.

Some PaperScapes look best framed in a wide range of styles—with or without a mat liner, such as the piece (at right) in an antique frame. Others look best mounted unobtrusively on a hidden frame, such as the piece (at left)—both from our Daffodils & other Delights series. Still other PaperScapes are simply matted without a frame.

Additionally, selected PaperScapes are suitable for custom replication at various sizes, to suit your tastes and décor—please inquire by contacting the artist.

Explore infinite possibilities at PaperScape Artworks’ studio & gallery, at The Quonset Hut Shops, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CTjust north of the historic Guilford Green.