Personalized PaperScapes | Great Gift Idea

Chris Penry creates Personalized PaperScapes using momentos from special events, memorable trips, or any other places, times and occasions that are dear to you.

It could be flowers from a wedding, cuttings taken along a favorite trail—shells, or some other inclusions from nature that become part of a PaperScape uttertly unique to you, alone—or to someone special. Some flowers, plants and other found objects lend themselves to becoming part of a Paperscape better than others. Chris works with you to create a truly one of a kind Personalized PaperScape—a lovely homage that captures a fond memory in an original work of art.

Let Chris personalize a very special PaperScape just for you at her studio & gallery located at The Quonset Hut Shops, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CT—just north of the historic Guilford Green.