PaperScape Journals | Imagine On Handmade Paper

Handmade paper artist, Chris Penry’s PaperScape Journals run the entire style gamut—from precisely, meticulously crafted, to wildly fanciful and free.

Whether writing your innermost thoughts and feelings, sketching, or just doodling, PaperScape Journals help inspire, bring forth and complement your musings.

Some Paperscape Journals feature interesting closures, while others are plain, yet, never ordinary—each with its own shape, textures and color palette—from the subtly muted to the outrageously daring.

Paperscape Journals—perfect for chronicling the extraordinary—by PaperScape Artworks, at The Quonset Hut Shops, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CT—just north of the historic Guilford Green.