Daffodils & other Delights | Summer 2021

What began as a seasonal show in 2018 has since become a passion of paper artist, Chris Penry. The theme of Daffodils re-emerges through her work from time to time. 

Each piece in her original series and ongoing, Daffodil-themed pieces are inspired by the Daffodil flower – one of nature’s most enduring symbols of Spring, rebirth and new beginnings. The Daffodil’s distinctive yellow color is emblematic of joy, happiness, positive energy and friendship.

Daffodils may very likely inspire subsequent, future Daffodils & other Delights-themed shows at Paperscape Artworks’ studio & gallery, located at The Quonset Hut Shops, 20 Church Street, Guilford, CTjust north of the historic Guilford Green.